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Landscape Photography by Barney Delaney, Copyright information.

Hi there, and thanks for dropping over to Barney Delaney Landscape Photography.

You’ve probably reached this page via my Digimarc information embedded in one of my landscape photography images. It’s great that you’ve taken a moment to visit and if you like my work, thank you, that’s awesome. If could take a moment to get in touch via the contact page we can talk about print purchases and licensing. Alternatively follow the Landscape Photography link on the homepage.

All of my work at Barney Delaney Landscape Photography and all online locations is copyrighted. My name, company, the intellectual property (IP), and therefore all images and data found on this site and online comunities such as Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, 500px, Twitter, including my hosting partner site Zenfolio, are subject to copyright. In other words Barney Delaney Photography owns the IP and all photographic and editorial material on and associated with this site. Again, this includes my partner hosting sites. You are not permitted to download, distribute, sell, or help yourself to anything without written agreement from the owner, Barney Delaney.

On a personal note I would very much appreciate it if you don’t just help yourself to the material on this site, many hours have been put into creating these pieces. These images are not for general distribution without having being licensed or purchased beforehand.

All of my work is embedded with a Digimarc digital watermark. Digimarc have the ability to identify and trace folks if they are pinching and posting my work without permission. My website is visibly watermarked using with the Barney Delaney Photography company name  and logo, my company is legally registered via companies house. The files on this site contain metadata with the Barney Delaney Photography copyright information, including my name and company.

Apologies if this sounds like a riot act, it’s not meant to be, I’m just setting expectation for those looking for a free lunch!

That said, thank you for dropping by, if you like my Landscape Photography please take a moment to get in touch via the contact page, I’d love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

Barney Delaney

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Barney Delaney is a photographer specialising in Landscape Photography from the UK and further abroad. He is based in Northumberland, England.