Landscape Photography – Australian Landmarks, Queensland – Currumbin Rocks, Storm at Sunrise

Landscape Photography – Australian Landmarks, Queensland – Currumbin Rocks, Storm at Sunrise

Looking through my images from my Australia trip I thought after travelling so far i’d share a few more with you. This shot is from Currumbin Beach, if you are into surfing and photography then this is the place for you – both sides of the beach are popular – even an hour before sunrise!

I was surprised to notice a whole bunch of folks out there waiting for the surf. And there was me watching my step on the wet rocks when those guys had sharks to worry about, puts things into perspective!

Anyway, the shot…this was taken about 10 minutes before sunrise, I had to work to find a composition that worked, and one that didn’t end up with the tripod slipping over the edge.

The light changes pretty quick at this time of the morning so i was constantly metering the skyline, meanwhile trying to capture the movement of the ocean. It was about this time the cloud really started to push inland, luckily though the cloud was thin enough to let the sun through and cast a warm hue across the horizon.

I took a series of exposures to emphasise the movement of the water, i think this was about take nine or ten!  I did consider changing my composition but settled on the leading lines of the rock gulley, I think this leads the viewer in excluding the tree from the composition as i wanted the main focus to be the clouds.

A 0.9 reverse grad did great job of holding back the highlights but I still had my work cut out due to the sea spray blowing back. For the final image I de-saturated a little because the things looked a little otherworldly in the early morning light there! Again this is pretty much out of the can, single shot, no messing about.

Keep exposing!


Capture Details

Canon 1Ds Mark III
EF 16-35 L USM II @16mm
0.6 sec @ f/11, ISO 50
0.9 Reverse ND Grad (Singh-Ray)
Really Right Stuff TVC33+BH55 LR
Single Exposure
Curves adjustments
Slight de-saturation of red and orange channels
A little dodging and burning
Have a great day!


Barney Delaney is a photographer specialising in Landscape Photography from the UK and further afield. He is based in Lichfield, Staffs, UK.

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