Landscape Photography – Canada Landmarks, Castle Mountain, Rocky Mountains

Landscape Photography – Canada Landmarks, Castle Mountain, Canada Rockies

Whilst looking through my archive of RAW files I found a number of captures that for one reason or another I’d originally put straight to archive. I think i must have thought they were a little under exposed, who knows…

Anyway, i loaded a few into the latest version of ACR and pulled up the black point a little, low and behold there was detail in the black area’s! It had only been a couple of years in relative terms but Adobe’s Camera RAW software has come a long way, I’m not sure these images would have been salvageable a few years back.

About the image. I spotted this mountain whilst driving along the trans Canada highway up to Lake Herbert, believe it or not it took a bit of finding, once you hit the back-roads all you can see is trees!

Eventually I got there just before sunset, and right as it started to hammer down with rain. Typical i thought. Not to be deterred by a bit of rain i set about looking for a composition that might work, capturing the last light on the mountain and the warm light in the clearing.

I’d thought about hiking up a little further but i was warned by a Ranger to watch out for bears, it was berry season and they (the Bears) get a bit cranky during this time of year. I didn’t head too far into the forest!

To keep the camera dry (my camera back then was a 5d MK II with no weather proof sealing) I had to work quick and under a brolly. A single 0.9ND grad held back the sky, a circular polariser did a nice job of bringing out the foreground colour detail in the clearing.

I could have easily sat in the clearing to wait out the storm, I had the whole place to my self, or at least i thought i did, who know’s how many bears were thinking the same thing…:) Visiting and taking in these Canada Landmarks is what landscape photography is all about.

 Picture Details

Canon 5d MKII
EF 16-35MM USM II @ 28mm
1.3 sec @ f/16, ISO 100
0.9 ND Grad (Sky/Snow)
Circular Polariser
Single Exposure
Really Right Stuff Tripod / Head
Some curves adjustments
A little dodging and burning


Have a great day!


Barney Delaney is a photographer specialising in landscape photography from the UK, and sometimes a little further afield. He is based in the Staffordshire city of Lichfield, UK.

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