Landscape Photography, Scottish Landmarks – Black Mount and Rannoch Moor, with Loch na h-Achlaise II

Landscape Photography, Scottish Landmarks – Black Mount and Rannoch Moor, with Loch na h-Achlaise II

Often when visiting a location I’ll make a number of exposures, things like  altering the shutter speed or trying an alternate angle or central viewpoint. This is because i don’t always have an idea of what it is I’m looking for in the final image. This for me comes after spending time absorbing the location and letting things form in my mind, this to some extent is what landscape photography is all about.

So taking a number of alternate exposures is great when reviewing the ‘keepers’ when i get home, most of which end up being archived! It’s rare when a specific location gives me a number of usable keepers, Rannoch Moor was good to me on this occasion. I ended up with a series of five images which work well together or individually.

Anyway, back to the image – it’s a capture number two from the series of five, for me the portrait version works quite well. The composition aims to lead the observer around the scene, from the foreground rock to the left hand cloudburst. Then up over the mountains and up into the pattern of clouds in the top right of the frame – almost a complete triangle. These sort of leading lines usually work well in landscape photography and help keep the viewer concentrated on the image, rather than heading outside of the frame.

Technically this wasn’t that complicated a shot, having held back the sky with an 0.9 grad, halting any movement in the water with an 0.6 ND and the polariser. The use of the polariser allowed me to balance the reflection and the submerged rocks just enough. I should add that very little Photoshop was used in any of these captures, just the basics.

Happy shooting!

Capture Details

Canon 1Dx
EF 16-35 L USM II @16mm
1/5 sec @ f/11, ISO 50
0.6 ND (Lee)
0.9 ND grad (Lee)
Heliopan 105mm Circular Polariser
Really Right Stuff TVC33+BH55 LR
Single Exposure
Curves adjustments
A little dodging and burning


Barney Delaney is a photographer specialising in Landscape Photography from the UK and further afield. He is based Lichfield Staffordshire, UK.

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