Hello, thanks for stopping by. I’m a landscape photographer based in the beautiful village of Harbottle, Northumberland. I specialise in Landscape Photography from around the UK, and sometimes a little further afield. My focus is to reflect my passion for the great outdoors and travel adventure through my photographs. Bringing back the great outdoors to the viewer is important, with my photographs I aim to capture the emotional essence of the landscape forever.

I aim for a subtle style in order to capture nature at her best, or depending on the weather, her very worst!

One of my key goals is to bring together a sense of harmony with the landscape through my photography. I’m a keen traveler and I’m usually outdoors exploring locally or somewhere a little further out. For the most part my travels take me around the Peak District landscape of the UK, and being the UK its normally in all sorts of weather. The key for my landscape photography is to keep on exploring, come rain or shine!

My personal take on this wonderful art form is that light is the main ingredient for adding feeling and atmosphere to a scene. The use of varied light and shadow across a scene is one of my first objectives, this is the very essence of a location. While I try hard to capture this key element there are always other component to think about before picking up  the camera. Opening the shutter and exposing the scene before me is usually the easy part!

Hopefully you will enjoy looking through my photographs as much as I did discovering and capturing them.

If you have any comments or questions regarding my photographs or you just want to say hello please drop me a line here at Barney Delaney Photography.

Alternatively, please visit my Landscape Photography to browse my photographs.

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Barney Delaney is a photographer specialising in Landscape Photography from the UK and abroad. He is based in Northumberland, England.