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Canada Landmarks, Landscape Photography Canada. Rocky Mountains

Landscape Photography, Canada Landmarks. Morning Reflection of Mount Rundle

Landscape Photography - Canada Rockies, Cascade Pools with Mount Rundle. Autumn leaves

Landscape Photography, Canada Landmarks. Morning View of Mount Rundle from Cascade Pools On my last day in Canada I took another trip down to Cascade Pools in Banff, with the hope of getting one last capture of Mount Rundle in the early morning. Mount Rundle from another one of the pools in the area. Thankfully there was very little breeze […]

Landscape Photography, Canada Landmarks, Autumn Arrives at Cascade Pools

Landscape Photography in Canada, Fall. Autumn in the Canada Rockies. I captured this view of Mount Rundle from Cascade Pools in the early morning. It was one of the first chilly mornings of the season, signalling that magical time in North America, Fall. Everywhere I looked there were signs of Autumn, especially noticeable in the parks and forests. The […]